Golf: Two 18-hole Golf Courses only 21 Km (Campo de Zarapicos) and 37 Km (Campo de Villamayor) from the Hotel.


Botanical walk on foot within the estate (1 Km) recognizing different botanical species. Walks along to Puente Mocho and the Calzada Romana (Mocho Bridge and Ancient Roman Road, 7 Km).

Swimming Facilities

Swimming Facilities: within the Hotel premises and also at Baños de Ledesma Spa Resort (15 Km).

A cruise throught the Duero river

River crossing from Miranda do Douro (45 km). Discounts for Vádima's customers.
More information for Cruises throught the Duero River and Online Reservations

Thermal Pool

Thermal Pool: in Baños de Ledesma Spa Resort (15 Km).
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"Encierros" and "Tienta de Vaquillas"

"Encierros" (Running of the bulls) and "tienta de vaquillas" (testing of young calves of fighting bulls), previously arranged with one of the local "ganaderías" (bull breeders).

Visit to Wine Cellars

Visit to wine cellars: Guided visit to cellars (21 Km).

Bird Watching

Bird watching: Bird watching and guided tour across lagoons and marsh bush.
More information in Terranostrum

Fihgting Bull Farmworks

Fihgting bull farmworks: Guided visit to farm breeders to see the fighting bulls and cows in there natural environment.

Other Activities in Ledesma


You can rent a bicycle to tour on your own, or participate in guided organized tours, (mínimum group of 4 persons).
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Six different routes from two to six hours.
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Organized tours for birdwatching along the walled city of Ledesma as well as along the river banks.

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Canoeing on the River Tormes on calm waters past both bridges.
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Bow Shooting

Bow shooting to targets whithin the Old Fortress of the City, for groups (minimum four persons).
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